Getting Started with KBeeย 

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Welcome to KBee! Youโ€™ll need to complete a few easy steps to get started with your new Help Center.ย 

Add a new Article to your Spaceย 

A space is a standalone knowledge base or wiki. Each space has its own URL, theme, security settings, and articles.ย  Articles are created & edited within Google Docs and rendered by KBee in a Space.ย 
ย There are three ways to add an article to your space:ย ย 
Create a new article within Kbee or Google Driveย 
Add existing articles to your spaceย ย 

Create a new articleย 

Click on the space & subfolder youโ€™d like to add an article to. Then click the โ€œ+ Add Articleโ€ button, give your article a name, and click โ€œOkโ€ to add a new article to your knowledge base.ย 
Note: You can add folders to your space (by clicking โ€œ+ Add Folder) if you want to create sub-categories for your articles. This is not mandatory.ย 
Image 1 ย 
Kbee will pop open a Google Doc for you to start writing the article in Docs.ย 
Image 2 ย 
This is an example of a new article created by Kbeeย 

Add existing articles to your spaceย 

If you already have articles written in Google Docs, you can simply drag those into the folder Kbee created in Drive. Kbee will then render each Doc as a standalone article in your knowledge base. To access the folder Kbee created, click on โ€œView in Driveโ€ and copy your Docs into this folder.ย 
Image 3

Publish your articlesย 

After youโ€™re done creating your article, you will need to publish it to your knowledge base. To publish your article, click on the ๐Ÿ‘ symbol next to the name of the article.ย ย 
Image 4 ย 

View your Knowledge Baseย 

Click on โ€œLive Viewโ€ to view your Knowledge Base!ย 
Image 5 ย 

Optional: Edit your Space Theme Settingsย 

Click on โ€œSettingsโ€ย ย 
Image 6 ย 
Update your logo, highlight color ,and/or Color Scheme (light or dark) and click save.ย ย 
This article ย  goes into further detail about changing your Space Theme and Settings.ย ย 
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