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Google Drive Shortcuts are a feature that let you link to files and folders anywhere in your Google Drive. Kbee supports Drive Shortcuts out of the box, including both files and folders.
Shortcuts allow you to add files and folders to your Kbee space even if they’re not in the Kbee folder in Drive.
The best part about shortcuts is that content is not duplicated and is always kept in sync, even though it exists in multiple folders! We recommend using shortcuts whenever possible vs making a copy.

Creating a shortcut in Kbee

You can create shortcuts to files and folders from Kbee. Click Add Article β†’ Shortcut β†’ Select the file or folder you want to add.
Note: Both Files and Folders are added using the Add Article button.
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Creating a shortcut from Drive

You can also create a shortcut directly from Google Drive. To create a shortcut from Google Drive right-click the file in Google Drive, click Add Shortcut to Drive, and then select the folder with your Kbee content.
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Important: When creating a shortcut directly in Google Drive, you need to share the original file with
Otherwise Kbee cannot access the file and you will see an error message.

Shortcut Permissions

When Kbee scans your Drive folder, it automatically adds itself to the original file or folder linked with a shortcut. The original file or folder that a shortcut links to does not share permissions with the folder the shortcut is in. This means that Kbee’s permission settings will not apply to files or folders linked with a shortcut.
You will need to ensure the original file or folder in Drive has the correct permissions for your viewers to be able to access it.
Note: Kbee cannot add itself to shortcut content when using the auto-publish feature. Make sure you add shortcuts in the Kbee dashboard directly, otherwise content will not load.

Shortcut Naming

When you create a shortcut, it shares its name with the original file or folder. If you change the name of the original file after creating the shortcut, the name of the shortcut will not change. You will need to rename the shortcut as well.

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