Private Algolia 

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By default, your Wiki’s search is powered by a private search index Kbee’s Algolia instance. This means a full-text copy of your content is stored in this index. Private Algolia lets you own and manage that index instead of Kbee, giving you more control over who has access to your data. 
Note: Private Algolia is only available on the Business tier  

Create Your Algolia App 

It is highly recommended to create a standalone Algolia app for Kbee. This keeps Kbee data isolated from other data in your Algolia account. 
You can follow the official instructions  to create an Algolia app. 

Set up Algolia Keys 

Open your Kbee Team settings: 
Image 1  
You will see the Private Algolia section: 
Image 2  
You can find these keys in your Algolia Account  
Image 3  
Once you put in the three keys, press save. Kbee will now start using your Private Algolia Index!  
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