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If you want to gather analytics on how your users are using your Wiki, for example to see what articles are popular, you can set up Google Analytics for your Kbee Wiki in a few steps.
Note: Kbee only supports the latest Google Analytics 4. Your Measurement ID will start with β€œG-” Please do not use older versions of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Setup

Follow the official guide from Google to set up a new β€œWeb Stream”
For Kbee, make sure you do the following:
Create a new propertyImage 1
Choose at least the first option
Image 2
Select Web
Image 3
Put in the URL for your wiki
Image 4
Copy your Measurement ID. Make sure it starts with β€œG-”
Image 5
Paste it into the field in your Kbee Settings
Image 6
That’s it! Google Analytics will start working automatically soon!

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