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If you are on the Pro or Business plan, you can map your space to a custom domain. This means instead of your Space being hosted at, you can have it hosted at

Add Domain

In your Kbee dashboard, navigate intto the space you want to set up a custom domain for. Click the β€œSettings” button
Image 1
Then click β€œGeneral” (1) and then click β€œDomains” (2)
Image 2
Click β€œ+ Add Custom Domain”
Image 3
Enter in the new Domain and click β€œAdd Domain”
Image 4

Set up DNS

You will need to configure your DNS provider to map your domain to Kbee.
For the subdomain you selected, set a CNAME record with the value
For example, if you are using Google Domains it would look like this:
Image 5
Once the DNS propagation has completed, you will see a checkmark:
Image 6
Note: This process can take up to 24 hours to complete!
Please contact us if you have any questions on this step.


Kbee will automatically provision a SSL certificate for you. Once the certificate is issued, your custom domain will be live!
Kbee will send you an email once the custom domain is live.
Note: This process can take up to 24 hours to complete!

Vercel Users

Currently, Vercel has a technical limitation: each domain (e.g, can be associated with only one Vercel account. As Kbee uses Vercel to host your space, the following workaround is necessary for customers already using Vercel:
Download the Vercel CLI β€” You'll need this to create a new project. Then login from the command line with the vercel login command.
Create a new folder somewhere locally called "kbee-custom-domain"
In that folder, create a file called vercel.json with the following contents:
{ "rewrites": [ { "source": "/(.*)", "destination": "$1" } ] }
Replace β€œyourspace” with your Kbee subdomain
From within the "kbee-custom-domain" folder, run vercel deploy. It will guide you through creating a new project on Vercel and will deploy it.
Go into the Vercel UI, open the project you just created, and in Settings > Domains, add the desired subdomain for your Kbee space (example:
Let us know if you have any trouble setting this up!

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