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Kbee has two options for search. The default is our custom advanced search, which is lightning fast, uses AI to find the most relevant content, has built-in typo correction, and gives you previews of the text in the article.
However, this only works on Google Docs. Content like PDFs, Sheets, Slides, etc will only search for the title.
Kbee offers an alternative search that is powered directly by Google Drive. This means that content in all files is searchable, but it is slower, does not have typo correction, and only shows the document title as a result.
If your content is mostly composed of Google Docs, we recommend leaving advanced search on. However, if you have a lot of other content like PDFs, turning on full text search on all content can provide a much better experience.

Advanced search

Advanced search is the default option on Kbee.
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Full Content Search

In order to enable search on content like PDFs, you need to enable full text search in your space settings:
Click Settings β†’ General β†’ Disable Advanced Search
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Click save to update your pages.

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