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Kbee can automatically detect specially formatted links that let you create β€œdownload links” to content in your Google Drive inside an article, or embed Google Drive Files inside your article.

Download Links

If you want to let your viewers download a file from Kbee, you can do so by creating a special download link on your Doc.
First, copy the link to the file in Google Drive
Image 1
Next, create a link to that file in your document
Image 2
Finally, edit the link and add #DOWNLOAD# to the start of the text.
Note: Make sure there are no spaces before the first #
Image 3


The link below will download the Google Doc used to create this article as a PDF:

Embedded Documents and Files

You can also embed a document, slide deck, sheet, or any Google Drive file inside an article.
Follow the same instructions as the download links above, but instead of the word #DOWNLOAD# use the word #EMBED#
Note: All other text in the link will be ignored


This is the Google Doc used to create this article!

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